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Pictures not included in the installments
These are the pictures from Vientiane, Thakek, Xekong and Pakse.

Tha NaLeng, Vientiane

Tuk-Tuk with a hungry dog at Thakek

A young school principal at Xekong

A red scarf student at Pakse

A young Pakse teacher - first day at the job

Kind of a slum at Pakse

Chao Boun Oum's former palace

A teacher at Pakse

The one way bridge at Pakse

A mode of transportation at Xekong

A lone fisherman at Pakse

School at Xekong

Xekong school administration

Pakse - the land of beauty

Xekong school under the house

Xekong at the first day of school

Xekong - everyone is here

Xekong classroom

Buddhist festival at Pakse

A Xekong kid is reading a Satjadham poem

At Xekong school playground

A buddhist festival at Xekong

Two little girls wearing Sinh at Xekong

The author with the kids at Xekong

The ever That Dam (black stupa)

A girl at Xekong

A road in front of the hotel at Pakse